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6 Reasons You Should Give Your Home A Weekly Clean

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When life gets hectic, keeping a clean house may fall by the wayside. As that happens, a house cleaner in Nashville can be of assistance.

Keeping your home clean is critical for you and your loved ones for several reasons. Consider the below reasons why a clean house will make your life a lot better.

You Will Accomplish More

As your house is disorganized or dirty, it is hard to concentrate on the tasks you ought to be doing. You might find yourself distracted by surface cleaning or organizing. Such distractions keep you from getting crucial tasks accomplished and may make you feel as if you only did a few things by the end of the day. As your house is organized and clean, you will get more done and have fewer distractions.

It’s Possible to Find Things

Lost your cell phone or keys again? With a clean house, you will spend less time searching for items you have lost. Simplify your life by sifting through the mail as you check it and eliminate unneeded household items or papers when you do not need them. You will feel better when your house is organized, and you will find what’s needed in its proper place.

You Will Be More Creative

Clean space permits the mind to be more creative and relax. When you are surrounded by a disorganized mess or uncleanliness, your mind concentrates more on the clutter and less on allowing your creative juices to flow. If you are a creative individual, keeping a clean house will assist you in doing what you do best.

You Will Invite Guests Over

There isn’t anything more humiliating than greeting guests with a dirty home. In this instance, you might stop having visitors over altogether. Do not allow a dirty house to keep you from spending time with loved ones. In keeping your house orderly and clean, you’ will have more motivation to welcome guests to dinner and appreciate their company.

It is Great for Kids

It isn’t good for human beings of any age to live in dirt, especially children. Youngsters of crawling age will pick anything up on the floor and place it in their mouth. Kids also are prone to mold, bacteria, and mildews which may affect their health. Keeping your home sanitized and clean will keep the kids and your entire family healthier.

You will Rest Better

There isn’t anything more relaxing than hopping into a bed that has clean sheets and saying nighty night to an orderly home. You will sleep comfortably when you aren’t rising to chaos.

We know keeping your home clean may be a ton of work. Allow the pros at Maid Wizard, house cleaners in Nashville, to take this chore off your hectic schedule. Go online or call (615) 490-0742 to schedule an appointment today.

For more reasons you should give your home a weekly clean contact the professional house cleaning team of Maid Wizard today!

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Contributor6 Reasons You Should Give Your Home A Weekly Clean

How to Prevent Allergies and Asthma in Your Home

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Indoor allergens like pet dander, dust mites, cockroach droppings, and mold may trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in millions of people who suffer with allergies. As a  matter of fact, a survey that was published inside the Journal of Allergy & Clinical Immunology discovered that at least 6 allergens were detectable in over 50% of homes. Carried in via the air, allergens may be discovered on floors, furniture, and additional surfaces around your house. While no house may be fully free of allergens, complete cleaning on a routine basis may assist in reducing the amount of allergens to which you are exposed. Try the following ideas for minimizing allergens indoors and breathe easier from this point on.

Dusting Dos and Don’ts

One way to control allergens indoors is by eliminating dust. That is because dust mites — the most typical trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms inside the house — thrive inside dust. Use a treated or damp cloth which attracts dust instead of scattering it and consider using a dust mask as you clean. In addition, attempt to minimize clutter inside your house, since it seems to gather dust.

Vacuum to Decrease Allergens

Vacuuming — particularly in spaces which accumulate more dust, like furniture and carpeting — may assist in controlling allergens in the home. However, like dusting, vacuuming also can send dust particles inside the air and lead to issues for anyone who has a dust mite allergy. Utilize a vacuum that has a HEPA filter, which may trap tiny particles and keep them from spreading inside the air. Try vacuuming at least one or two times per week.

Wash Allergens Away

Dust mites usually thrive in throw rugs, pillows, and bedding. And since most of us spend so much of our time inside the bedroom, it is especially critical to decrease allergens there. At least one time per week, wash sheets, pillowcases, and blankets in hot water and dry them inside a hot dryer to destroy dust mites.

Utilize Green Cleaning Products

Most harsh chemicals discovered in common household solutions may trigger or aggravate symptoms in those with asthma and allergies. If you’re sensitive to allergens, change to environmentally friendly, green cleaning agents, which have plant-based and natural ingredients. Thankfully, there are several options these days for those who are searching for green cleaners. You also can create your own natural agents using ingredients like lemon, baking soda, and vinegar.

Decrease Pet Dander

The protein discovered in the urine, saliva, and dander of our pets is a common allergen for most people. These particles may become airborne and cause symptoms in the ones who are sensitive. It’s possible to decrease animal dander by frequently vacuuming and washing your furry pal at least one time per week. Other steps you may take involve keeping your animal out of your bedroom and off of the furniture and designating specific spaces of the home as pet-free zones.

For more information on preventing allergies and asthma in your home contact the spotless house cleaning services of Maid Wizard today!

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ContributorHow to Prevent Allergies and Asthma in Your Home

4 Cleaning Jobs You Can’t Do Without A Professional Cleaning Company

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At the end of a long day, as a business owner, cleaning your job site is the last job you will want to be responsible for. It is a lot more efficient and cost-effective to outsource the cleaning project to commercial cleaners. The following 4 projects are examples of the work you cannot do without the experience of a commercial cleaning company.

Carpet cleaning

The carpets are frequently stepped on by visiting clients and your employees. They also are the most likely space to be damaged by the stains and spills which might occur all throughout the work day. It may lead to a build-up of grime and dust being noticeable on the carpets, as well as an unprofessional first impression for visitors entering your premises.

Using a carpet cleaning machine often can cause more damage in inexperienced hands. But, a professional commercial cleaner will employ cleaners who are completely trained in how to properly clean carpeting to rid your floors of stains and dirt. If needed, they also will be skilled at using special machinery such as carpet cleaning devices. An expert commercial cleaning company is the best solution to make sure your carpeting is cleaned effectively and quickly.

Expert medical premises cleaning

If you have a business in the healthcare field, keeping your work space sterile and clean isn’t only strongly recommended, it is a safety and health requirement. Commercial cleaners will employ cleaners who are thoroughly trained to follow certain protocols.

Thereby, an expert surgery cleaner is going to be knowledgeable on how to fully clean medical centers to remove harmful bacteria, as well as prevent cross contamination. Hiring commercial cleaners will permit your medical team to concentrate on their essential tasks, while you are assured your medical and surgery premises is hygienic and clean.

Mass-scale cleaning

Larger offices or workspaces bring with them long cleaning to-do lists which require a lot of energy and time. Even a smaller business premise may necessitate a consistent cleaning routine to ensure it is a hygienic and pleasant space to be for your workers. But, office cleaning is the last thing your team members are going to want to be responsible for after a long day at work.

Outsourcing workplace or office cleaning to commercial cleaners may ensure the work is done by a professional and experienced cleaning company.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a cleaning task requiring training, the right specialist equipment, as well as a skilled industrial cleaner to prevent accidents from happening. If your workplace houses possibly harmful industrial materials, it is especially important to employ a specialist cleaning company that has the required equipment, permits, and safety expertise. Industrial cleaning companies are highly trained and skilled for a multitude of situations, which includes entering confined spaces, as well as using breathing apparatus. Hiring commercial cleaners who provide industrial cleaning services is the only method of ensuring the project is conducted effectively and safely.

For more cleaning jobs you can’t do without a professional cleaning company contact the guaranteed cleaning services of Maid Wizard today!

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Contributor4 Cleaning Jobs You Can’t Do Without A Professional Cleaning Company

The 8 Things That Are Making Your Home Look Messy

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All of us know the key to a functioning, livable house is to initially keep it free of clutter. However, are your closets, drawers, cupboards, and cabinets perfectly organized and your house still seems disheveled? Or perhaps…off-kilter? Small design mistakes might be to blame. Modifying just a couple of things you might not have considered before might be the key to an organized, visually stunning, settled house.

Open Eye Sore

Open shelves may be uber-functional and ultra-sleek— or it may be a source of daily chaos in the kitchen. The key to accomplishing the simple, sleek shelves of your dreams? Cohesion of color. Avoid the chaotic appearance of mismatched plates and choose an all-white dining set that gives the space a sense of order and cleanliness.

Tangled Tech

Be creative with cord covers and free the walls from any TV or HDMI wiring that is obscuring your view.  You will be shocked by how much keeping tech-tangles out of view can clean up a space.

Host of Prints

Be mindful while playing with prints inside your house. Too many patterns may yield dizzying results. Plus, in all seriousness, who has the desire to greet visitors with a headache? Avoid that blunder with patterns of different textures and sizes which share a likewise color palette.

Sloppy Entryway

One sure-fire area which appears messy in your home right now? The entryway. It is probably littered with keys, mail, and whatever other items you toted home from the office today, right? The fix: designate one storage unit within this space which may wrangle anything from backpacks to boots.

Unmade Bed

Listen to the tiny voice inside your head that is telling you to make the bed. It isn’t your overbearing mom whispering in your ear, it is us. Spread your bed! Not just will it immediately make the room appear cleaner, it has been suggested that those who spread their beds on a daily basis actually rest better.

Littered Flooring

Littered flooring tends to begin small yet inevitably, and eventually everything you have is strewn across the carpet and you are overwhelmed. Hold yourself accountable then pick up whatever you are putting down. Grab your broom/vacuum while you are at it.

Leftover Laundry

Stray socks here and there are one thing, yet is there a perpetually-present pile of clean clothing, neatly folded and then stacked on “the chair” inside the corner of the bedroom? It is taking away from your room in a major way. Chip away at that chair and place everything inside the correct drawers.

Crowded Countertops

Clear your counter of that product pile-up for once and for all. Whether you develop storage underneath the sink, along your walls or move those must-haves to a different space in the home, you will be grateful to have a clean slate of counter space returned to your life.

For more information on things that are making your home look messy contact the best house cleaning services of Maid Wizard today!

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ContributorThe 8 Things That Are Making Your Home Look Messy

5 Areas in Your Bathroom That You May Not Be Cleaning Enough

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The restroom is the one place in your house that has the job of keeping you clean, yet it also is the room which always tends to get grimier quicker than any additional room. Bacteria and germs are simply a fact in a bathroom; however, if you are just cleaning staples such as the sink, shower, floors, and toilet, you may be missing additional places which require a bit of extra attention, as well. Here are 5 areas in your restroom you may not be cleaning as often as you should, as well as how you should take them on.

Liner of your Shower Curtain

If you only are cleaning the liner when it appears grimy, it may be time to add consistent cleanings to your weekly routine. They are machine washable, so it’s possible to either scrub liners by hand or throw them in the washing machine with a mild detergent. Good Housekeeping recommends adding a couple of bath towels in the washer for additional cleaning agitation.

Toothbrush Holder

Research shows that the toothbrush holder actually is the 3rd germiest space in your house, according to experts. And as it touches the toothbrush, the instrument you place inside your mouth on a daily basis, it definitely is worth cleaning more often. Experts suggest soaking it inside warm water and utilizing soap and pipe cleaner or additional little brush to remove any residue, and either sterilize it in boiling water, bleach, or vinegar, or run it through the dishwasher.


Like sponges, loofahs have many crevices which trap bacteria and dirt —not really what you should be cleaning and scrubbing your body with. They must be replaced if their color changes or they begin smelling different, but meanwhile, there are methods of keeping them fresher longer. Try to soap it and rinse it by itself after showering, and putting it inside a space in which it can thoroughly dry, according to HuffPost. You also can soak it in bleach or you can microwave it for twenty seconds as long as the loofah is not plastic.


Bacteria and the bathroom pretty much go together, and the final thing your hands come into contact with before leaving it? The knob. If you cannot recall the last time that you cleaned the doorknobs it definitely is time for a wipe down. It’s possible to use cleaning spray and a cloth, or cleaning wipes, yet either way, it just takes a few minutes to de-germ the knobs, and it is completely worth it.

Light Switches

Similar to the doorknob, the switch is one of the final things you are coming into contact with when leaving your bathroom; therefore, if you aren’t regularly cleaning it, it is likely that simply by turning the light off on the way out, you are getting bacteria directly back on your hands after cleaning up. Clean the switch the same way you might with the doorknobs.

For more information contact the qualified house cleaning services of Maid Wizard today!

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Contributor5 Areas in Your Bathroom That You May Not Be Cleaning Enough

6 Habits of People Who Always Have the Cleanest Homes

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The majority of us do not necessarily like to clean; however, everyone likes the feeling of arriving to a clean home. Although your mother’s standards of a clean house might’ve involved hours comitted to deep cleaning, today’s cleanest of families have discovered methods of incorporating minor habits into their day-to-day routines which make it less of a chore. Therefore, what is the secret to keeping things tidy? Consider adding the following regular home cleaning habits into your routine, and you will be confidently allowing friends through the front door without having to give notice before you know it.

Begin the day by making your bed

If there is one thing it is possible to control in the chaos of the day which lies ahead, it is your bed. It does not take but a couple of minutes, yet this simple job sets up your day for success. Even if it is just a hurried smoothing of your comforter, making the bed assists you in starting the day with a feeling of order and productivity that will probably carry through to the next step you do.

Tidy as you go

Did you try on two to three outfits before you picked your look for the day? Use up a couple of pans cooking breakfast? Clean it all up and put all of it away before moving on. If you integrate this into everything done throughout the day, there’ll be much less lying around to taunt you later.

Wipe down before walking away

A fast wipe down does wonders. If you wipe the surface down you have used after each use, you will keep glass surfaces and counters clean and prepared to be used every time. From wiping down the glass shower door to swiping the sink after cleaning the dishes, a fast clean may prevent build up of grime and keep the surfaces spotless.

Tackle load of laundry every day

Avoid those overflowing hampers by giving the washing machine a work out every day. It is an unavoidable task (keeping the family clothed is sort of necessary); therefore, if you do it on a routine basis, it will not pile up and take over your whole Saturday.

Always clean after you cook

Resist an urge to turn the TV on and melt into the sofa after dinner. The longer you allow your pans and pots to linger, the harder they will be to clean. All of us know it has been a long day; however, if you swiftly rinse the dishes and load up the dishwasher directly after eating, your sink is going to be clear in no time.

Straighten before hitting the hay

Do a fast sweep through of the most lived-in rooms before calling it a night. Tuck away any shoes, toys, or blankets, and be certain bags and backpacks are prepared for the following day. You will thank yourself when the morning arrives.

For more information on the habits of people who always have the cleanest homes contact the guaranteed cleaning services in Nashville, Maid Wizard today!

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Contributor6 Habits of People Who Always Have the Cleanest Homes

4 Ways A Regular Cleaner Can Change Your Life

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All of us lead busy lives, there isn’t any doubt about that. Occasionally doing the laundry or making our bed after rising just is not at the top of a priority list. It is easy to simply close the door and forget about the chaos you have left behind. However, it isn’t easy to forget about the bacteria and germs which could be gathering if you neglect it for too long.

Studies conducted in the year 2016 discovered that one in three families has a consistent household cleaner. Of those families, under 35-year-olds accounted for the largest part of individuals appointing a household cleaner to keep their house in good condition. Therefore, why are so many folks opting to give up on their own cleaning, to instead pay someone else to do the job?

More free time

Everyone desires more spare time; why would anyone want to spend that valuable time cleaning the house? Hiring a professional cleaner means it’s possible to spend more time with your children, loved ones, husband, friends, or career – or even just relaxing by yourself. Life is too short to spend it cleaning the house; therefore, win back some spare time and get a professional to do the job for you.

It might save your marriage

Most folks have claimed that a house cleaner played a beneficial part in saving their marriage. The advantages to a couple’s relationship may stem from a happier household because there are less chores and less stress. A professional cleaner may decrease the strain on a marriage and prevent spouses from being fed up with their significant other around the house which often can lead to arguments. Hiring a professional cleaner to handle your routine weekly cleaning may mean you and your spouse arrive home to a happy and clean household.

It may make you happier

Research discovered that folks who pay others to perform their chores are a lot happier in their lives. The studies tested how satisfied participants seemed as they spent money on cooking, cleaning, and other tasks, as compared with how they felt as they spent money on material items such as clothes and books. The results discovered that the participants all were significantly satisfied and happier with life as they paid a professional to do their household chores, more than when they were purchasing material goods.

Your house is immaculate

Even if you happen to consider yourself to be top-notch cleaner, there isn’t any denying that arriving home to a clean house somebody else worked hard on is a lot more satisfying. Professional housecleaners are specialists and know precisely which cleaning products they should use to obtain the best results. They’ll get inside all of the crevices you may not even consider and also pay close attention to the things you might overlook because you just do not notice anymore.

For more ways a regular cleaner can change your life contact the trained maid service of Maid Wizard today!

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Contributor4 Ways A Regular Cleaner Can Change Your Life

4 Tips to Keep Your Garden Furniture Clean This Summer

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After a lot of hard work, you have a gorgeous garden blooming with flowers and an abundant harvest of a variety of fruity and veggie goodness. But, an unseemly horror lurks inside the corner of your little Eden, long forgotten as the weather seasons have cycled from one to the another. Yes, that is right, your neglected garden furniture. It is there. It needs help. It looks sad.

There isn’t anything quite like cozying up outside on a comfortable lounge chair to bask in the warm weather. It is a great way to get in a great nap while also possibly working on your tan all at one time. But, garden furniture is bound to get a bit dirty, since it constantly is fighting the elements. Even if you do not reside in a climate which receives a lot of rain, there still could be mildew and mold which develops as a result of morning dew and humidity. Here is how you can keep your outdoor furniture clean so it’s possible to snuggle up on a plush lounge chair as the need arises.

Dust the dirt off

Step one in cleaning outdoor furniture includes brushing off the dirt which builds up on cushions and pillows. No matter how diligently you attempt to keep the upholstery safe from the weather elements, the wind may kick dirt up from the ground, which then will settle all over the furniture. Utilize a bristled brush or an old toothbrush to wipe the dirt which becomes trapped inside the fibers.

Wash pillows using water and soap

Clean up does not need to take too much effort and time. Occasionally, all that’s needed is a bit of water and mild detergent to eliminate the grime and dirt on the cushions. Wipe down cushions using a damp cloth and keep cushions out in the sunshine to completely dry. Though beware – if they are not fully dry, they might lead to more damage than good. It might create the ideal environment for mold, which completely negates all the work you originally placed into cleaning.

Hose furniture sown

The majority of garden furniture may withstand the pressure and water of a hose. Because after all, it is theoretically designed to hold up within the volatile nature of the outside elements. As it’ll come to wicker or plastic furniture, periodically spray it down on the lowest pressure setting on the hose. It’ll extract any particles which become trapped in the fibers and clear out with very little effort on your part.

Eliminate mold

If mold ultimately starts forming on a surface, make certain that you protect yourself before trying to remove it. Use gloves and a face mask so you do not inhale the spores or transfer the spores to your nose or eyes. Scrub away using sand paper or a rough brush and clean with water and soap.

For more tips to keep your garden furniture clean this summer contact the professional house cleaning services of Maid Wizard today!

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Contributor4 Tips to Keep Your Garden Furniture Clean This Summer