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4 Habits of a Highly Organized Mom

by Contributor on September 11, 2018 No comments

As I’m able to tell you from years as an organizing and cleaning business owner, that cleaning and organizing can be taught. I promise. It is not about having some knowledge of some secret handshake that the other moms are not privy to or having some type of outstanding skills which provide you the power to be Pinterest perfect at all time. As with anything else I talk about, it’s all about solid, good habits and strategies. A good habit has the ability to change everything.

Organized moms have a routine

They do not simply have a routine, they’ll live and die by it. Sometimes I see mothers who say that they have a routine and what’s actually happening is that there is no routine. A solid, good routine involves actions and tasks that are accomplished the same way every day which make running your life a lot easier.

Organized moms get dressed first

This may spark a little controversy, yet what I hear as folks tell me why they can’t is a bunch of excuses. “I do not want to get up earlier. My children are very demanding. It makes me a bad mother…” yada, yada, yada. I understand that the natural inclination is to just get everyone ready to go out first; however, it actually does not serve you. Again, things with children, as with mornings, are predictable, but you are not. Take a hot shower, get ready, and eat breakfast BEFORE anyone else. Then, as your toddler makes a choice to dump his Cheerios on your cat’s head, you will not need to be concerned with having to still get yourself dressed.

Organized moms declutter often

Put it on a calendar, have an established day or do it at the same time every day. However it’s done, declutter often for optimal organization. I’ve said it several times, decluttering is just like showering. You cannot only do it one time and expect it to stick. It must become a part of your routine and life.

Organized moms clean often and as they go

The way I have the ability to remain on top of the organizing and cleaning in my home is that I clean and organize as I go. I do not have a set day of the month or week to accomplish everything, mainly because as much as I love to clean, that isn’t how I wish to spend my days. I keep wipes on every level of my home and grab one every day to wipe down a variety of messy spots, such as the light switches and handrails. As I see crumbs, I simply vacuum before somebody steps on them and crumbles them up even more. Organizing and cleaning as you go may take as little as five minutes. Your home remains neat without investing hours into it.

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Contributor4 Habits of a Highly Organized Mom

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