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Vacation Rental Cleaning Tips to Help You Relax

by Contributor on September 7, 2018 No comments

Summer is still here, meaning there is still time for a vacation! Where are you headed to this year? A condominium on the beach? Or perhaps a cabin in the woods? Regardless of where you’re headed, if you are staying in a vacation rental, you ought to be prepared to do a bit of cleaning as you arrive.

Check the Trash

The previous guests or your rental host might’ve forgotten to carry their trash out before they left. Take a moment to check all of the trash cans inside the house to check that they have been emptied. Then, find the replacement bin liners in order for you to start fresh.

Do Light Cleaning in the Kitchen

The kitchen is going to be the room you wish to concentrate the majority of your vacation cleaning attention. Because after all, hikes, ocean swims, and additional summer adventures equal more appetites, which means this area is going to see a ton of traffic. Our cleaning checklist for the kitchen can assist you in making certain your friends or family are eating off of clean utensils and surfaces.

Checklist for the cleaning the kitchen

  1. Be certain the interior of the microwave is clean.
  2. Clean the sponge by thoroughly wetting it and microwaving it for one or two minutes. Keep a close eye on the sponge inside the microwave and allow it to cool before you remove it – it’ll be hot!
  3. Give the interior of the freezer and fridge a once over to ensure that no food sources have been left behind.
  4. Wipe all surfaces down, which includes sinks, stovetops, and countertops.
  5. Check glasses, dishes, and frequently used pans, pots, or cutting boards to ensure that the prior renters cleaned them well.
  6. If you see any dirty dishes you will regularly use, give them a solid scrub or put them into the dishwasher.

Head over to the Bathroom

The bathroom ought to be in pretty great condition. With that being said, it could not hurt to wipe countertops down, particularly if you will be spreading out toothbrushes and toiletries. Additionally, you also might want to rapidly wipe the shower, sink knobs, and toilet handle down.

Take it Outdoors

If the rental has an outside space, it is worth it to spend a couple of minutes tidying up. If you’re able to easily find an outside broom, begin by giving the area a solid sweeping, and give any outside furniture a fast wipe. Hopefully, the BBQ grill and all tables or deck chairs have been left clean and ought to be prepared to go after a swift once over with a towel or cloth.

Vacation rental cleaning likely is not anyone’s idea of a fun time. But, taking 30 minutes to one hour to get the temporary dwelling in working condition is worth it as you’re able to relax knowing the cups your loved ones are drinking from have been cleaned by you.

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ContributorVacation Rental Cleaning Tips to Help You Relax

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