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X Ideas for Under-Bed Storage

by Contributor on September 19, 2018 No comments

Approach your under-the-bed storage as you might any additional household project: with a well-thought-out plan. Keep the area well-edited, organized, and neat, without any strewn possessions. Select appealing containers, or hang a stylish bed skirt that conceals plain storage boxes. It is an excellent idea to buy — or build or repurpose — storage objects which fit correctly beneath the bed, instead of mere boxes or sliding bins underneath. If the room is susceptible to dust, consider using lidded containers; if you have a desire to frequent accessibility to your belongings, selecy storage options with wheels or add your very own casters.

Are you ready to begin? Below are some of our favorite under-the-bed options for storage.

Wheeled boxes

A uniquely made under-the-bed wheeled box keeps possessions out of sight yet is simple to roll out as you need something. The massive size is great for out-of-season clothes, books, hobby items, linens, and much more. In addition, the lid protects contents from pests and dust.


For easy-accessibility storage, buy wheeled drawers or you can repurpose older dresser drawers by adding casters to their bottoms. Drawers are great underneath children’s beds for containing toys, dress-up attire, and games. Inside the guest room, fill them up with spare pillows and blankets.

Locked boxes

The space under the bed is an excellent area to store a locked box or safe — particularly one that has wheels. It’s possible to fill it with critical items you do not frequently access, like personal valuables and documents.

Storage bags

Big zippered bags work excellently for infrequently utilized objects, like holiday decorations, as well as spare linens, pillows, and blankets. Vacuum additional linen sets inside space bags to decrease bulk.

Archival garment boxes

If you have plans to store treasured clothes, which includes delicate quilts, christening gowns, or veils, think about buying archival garment boxes. They will fit underneath your bed and assist in keeping clothing from deteriorating.

 Photograph storage cases

Under-the-bed storage is fantastic for old photos and memorabilia. They do not have to be accessed frequently and may degrade if stored inside the basement, attic, or garage. Pick an acid-free container that preserves photos.

Shoe organizer

The space under your bed is perfect for storing a massive shoe collection. Selections abound, from wheeled racks to simple divided boxes.

Gift wrap station

You can store cards, scissors, tape, bows, and ribbons, as well as gift wrap inside a plastic, clear bin underneath your bed. They will be out of your way yet easy to locate before events and parties.


All luggage may be stored underneath your bed between trips and may double as contained storage for clothing, linens, and blankets. For a creative twist, you also could add wheels to vintage cases.

Bed risers

If you desire even more space for storage, it’s possible to elevate the bed several inches off of the ground using risers. Higher beds also can be more comfortable for some and provide a better view of windows and the television set.

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ContributorX Ideas for Under-Bed Storage

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